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360 Stainless Steel Bottle 750ml Mountain [BestBuy]

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Product Description

This 750ml travel drink bottle suits the needs of urban travellers, cyclists, trekkers and campers alike! Store it in the drink holder of your bike, hook it to a carabiner or just pack it into your daypack - and you have a drink at hand in every situation. Save money and reduce waste! The healthy, environmentally friendly 360° Degrees stainless steel bottle is a perfect alternative to plastic bottles and resign coated aluminium bottles. It is non toxic, non leaching, reusable and extremely durable for years of safe use. Ideal for day-to-day use, travel, outdoor and active sports.

Product Features:

  • Wide mouth allows easy sipping and fits ice cubes
  • Durable and safe high grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • No inner lining - no bad taste, no residual odours, BPA free
  • Lightweight and leakproof
  • Hygienic: electropolished smooth interior surface is easy to clean and resits bacterial growth - no strong detergents necessary
  • 100% recycable food grade cap